Stock Trading Site

When looking for a good stock trading site, novices often stop at finding one of the cheapest online trading sites.  Finding a good broker which meets your needs is obviously an important start to your trading business, but is still only the start.

In fact, the trader who plans on being at all active will typically need a stable of stock sites: the broker, of course; educational sites; and, also charting and/or stock picking sites will all be necessary.  Below are a handful of the top trading sites you can explore to see what is available.

Within their particular specialties, these sites provide the most value:


  • - comprehensive site full of both free and premium content. It is run by professional traders who like to share their knowledge. Check out material from Landry and Connors – the information and direction they share is top notch.
  • - a general education site, with some useful (thought typically brief) articles about the art and science of trading.


  • - this inexpensive site focuses on simplicity. For the technical analyst without extensive programming skills, this site provides a comprehensive set of scanning tools (they really have a ton of indicators to scan against) available with minimal effort or cost.
  • Telechart - this is my personal favorite charting package. It’s not as inexpensive as Stockfetcher, but it is extraordinarily capable, and is used by numerous professional traders. They have a handful of proprietary indicators which are extraordinary. You owe it to yourself to check this one out, and they have a free trial.


  • TD Ameritrade – one of the most popular trading platforms, provides a number of good trading tools. Might be a bit on the expensive side for online trading.
  • Scott Trade - this is the one with the goofy ads showing the CEO flying over the city in his helecopter. But goofy, or not, this is a capable site for mildly (or less) active in the markets. In other words – no day trading or fast swing trades, but if you like to look at fundamentals and stick with a stock for a while this site is pretty good.
  • E*Trade - one of the granddaddy’s of electronic trading. As with Scott Trade, this site is good for involved but not overly active traders.


Disclaimer: this site is provided for informational and educational purposes only. No claim to offer specific trading advice is offered.